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Hello and welcome to Neko ni Koban!, my simple little Pocket Monsters music site. It's a tiny site dedicated to listing every last Japanese Pocket Monsters CD and its tracks for information's sake, because a complete CD guide is basically nonexistent in English. Navigation is to your left, CDs are listed chronologically by year, and most CDs should have a note about when they were released.

Updated every page recently with better info and more complete CD listings, and I merged the miscellaneous CDs in with the rest, took down the wanted page and the CD rotation, which probably hadn't been changed in 10 years. Hopefully I can get at least a few more years worth of CDs up in here before my motivation dries up, and if all goes well, perhaps some larger images of the CD covers as well. Resolutions are better than they used to be, I tell ya.

If you feel the need to e-mail me any comments or suggestions, please feel free to do so! My name is RKC, your ever-happy webmistress!