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Torikaekko Puriizu
The second of three Suzukisan CDs, released in February 1998. Contains the 3rd and 4th anime endings, Pocket ni Fantasy and Pokemon Ondo. If you've heard the other Suzukisan songs, you'll know that the CD-exclusive Torikakko Please is quite bizarre. It's a song about trading Pokemon cards, which came out a bit before I thought they did.
1. Torikakko Please (Trade Me, Please)
2. Pocket ni Fantasy (Pocket Fantasy)
3. Pokemon Ondo (Pokemon March)
4. Torikaekko Please Karaoke
5. Pocket ni Fantasy Karaoke

Pocket Monsters Anime Sounds Collection
Released in June 1998, this CD is mostly just tracks of background music from the anime, many of which were adapted from the Game Boy music. It also has the TV-size track of the first opening and ending themes.
1. Mezase Pokemon Master TV-Size (I'm Gonna Be a Pokemon Master TV-Size)
2. Pokemon! Kimi ni Kimeta! (Pokemon! I Choose You!)
3. Tabidachi (Setting Off)
4. Jitensha de Go! (Bicycle Go!)
5. Saint Anne Kou (The Saint Anne)
6. Pikachu Toujo (Pikachu Appears)
7. Maboroshi no Pokemon (Phantom Pokemon)
8. Pokemon! Get Daze! (Pokemon! I Got It!)
9. Pokemon Holiday (Pokemon Holiday)
10. Osoru Beshi Koduck (Silly Psyduck)
11. Pokemon League Kounin Cap (Pokemon League Official Cap)
12. Masaki no Todai (Bill's Lighthouse)
13. Densetsu (Legend)
14. Rocket Dan Boss no Theme (Team Rocket Boss Theme)
15. Rocket Dan Onmitsu Sakusen (Team Rocket's Secret Strategy)
16. Rocket Dan Shichi Henge (Team Rocket's Change)
17. Nanda Kanda to Kikare Tara... ("If You Want to Know What's Up...", the first line of the Team Rocket motto)
18. Kyouteki Arawaru (Strong Enemy Appears)
19. Shuugeki (Raid)
20. Nigero ya Nigero! (Run!)
21. Daikonsen (Big Melee)
22. Pokemon Battle (Pokemon Battle)
23. Shakunatsu no Battlefield (Red-Hot Battlefield)
24. Yatta Ze! (Hooray!)
25. Tsuki no Ishi (Moon Stone)
26. Inari (Prayer)
27. Saikai (Reunion)
28. Oden (Oden)
29. Charinko Bousouzoku (Bridge Bicycle Gang)
30. Toushi (Fighting Spirit)
31. Genwaku no Bijo (Beautiful Girl)
32. Shinobiyoru Kage (Creeping Shadow)
33. Zettai Zetsumei (Final Death)
34. Kyouaku Pokemon Shutsugen (Tough Pokemon Appear)
35. Souryou Kusen (Total War)
36. Fukutsu no Pokemon (Persistent Pokemon)
37. Ikken Rakuchaku (A Decision is Made)
38. Namida no Chihare (Tears, Then Sun)
39. Deai to Wakareta (Meeting and Parting)
40. Shouri no Bacchi, Get Daze! (Got the Victory Badge!)
41. Tsuzukutta ra Tsuzuku (To Be Continued)
42. Pocket ni Fantasy TV-Size (Pocket Fantasy TV-Size)

Pokemon Hikerukana?
This CD comes with a booklet of piano music, and the goal is to listen to the tracks and play along with the piano. Highly unusual. This is one of the few I've never listened to, but I think the tracks included are Game Boy music. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what the difference is between the regular and practice tracks. Released in July 2007.
1. Opening (Opening)
2. Rical Arawaru (Rival Appears)
3. Cycling (Cycling)
4. Rocket Dan Hideout (Team Rocket Hideout)
5. Saint Anne Gou (The St. Anne)
6. Pokemon Gym (Pokemon Gym)
7. Umi (The Sea)
8. Tatakai VS Gym Leader (Battle Versus Gym Leader)
9. Otsukimi Yama no Doukutsu (The Caves of Mt. Moon)
10. Ending (Ending)
11. Saint Anne Gou Level 2 (The St. Anne Level 2)
12. Opening - Practice Version
13. Rival Arawaru - Practice Version
14. Cycling - Practice Version
15. Rocket Dan Hideout - Practice Version
16. Saint Anne Gou Level 1 & 2 - Practice Version
17. Umi - 1st Practice Version
18. Umi - 2nd Practice Version
19. Tatakai VS Gym Leader - 1st Practice Version
20. Tatakai VS Gym Leader - 2nd Practice Version
21. Ending - Practice Version

Pika Pika Massaichu
This is the music to Pikachu Natsuyasumi, the short that played before the Birth of Mewtwo feature. It's all very happy. Released in September 1998.
1. Natsuyasumi Fan Club (Summer Vacation Fan Club)
2. Pika Pika Massaichu (Pika Pika Massaichu)
3. Puuru (Pool)
4. Atarashi Tomodachi (A New Friend)
5. Pika Pika Massaichu Karaoke

Kaze to Issho Ni
This is the single containing a couple of the vocals to the Birth of Mewtwo. There is really only two songs on here, but both are very surreal and pretty, especially Kaze to Issho Ni. I also really like the cover.
1. Kaze to Issho Ni (Blown by the Wind)
2. Suteki ni Collection (Nice Collection)
3. Kaze to Issho Ni Karaoke
4. Suteki ni Collection Karaoke

Sound Picture Box - Shiori Ashita Da! Rocket Dan!
This is a Drama CD that contains audio stories about Team Rocket, including the only appearance of Rocket Dan member Mondo. Mondo is an underling that helps Musashi and Kojiro with their missions and supplies. The CD is packaged with an illustrated hardcover book that you can use to read along with the audio plays, and another smaller book that contains designs and character sketches for Musashi, Kojiro, and Meowth. It's a fairly nice package and a very unique CD. In addition to the audio plays, some of the songs from Rocket Dan Eien Ni are included, and two tracks that put vocals to the Game Boy music (Umi and Pokemon Master He no Michi, which is a new version of Pokemon, Kimi ni Kameta! Released in November 1998.
1. Rocket Dan no Eien Ni (Team Rocket Forever)
2. CD Drama Shiori Ashita Da! Rocket Dan! Sono 1 (CD Drama It's a White Tomorrow! Team Rocket! Part 1)
3. CD Drama Shiori Ashita Da! Rocket Dan! Sono 2 (CD Drama It's a White Tomorrow! Team Rocket! Part 2)
4. CD Drama Shiori Ashita Da! Rocket Dan! Sono 3 (CD Drama It's a White Tomorrow! Team Rocket! Part 3)
5. Lucky Lucky (Lucky Lucky)
6. Pokemon Master He no Michi (The Path for Pokemon Masters)
7. Umi (Surf)