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Minna de Eranda Pokemon Song Best Collection
The first of the Pokemon CD compilations, all of the songs here were released on previous CDs. These were chosen in a CoroCoro Magazine poll, and the CD also came with rare holofoil TCG cards, a TCG guide, a lengthy lyrics book, and one English-language TCG card. Happily, our friends Suzukisan made an appearance with the Torikaekko Please track. Released on January 1st, 1999, and rereleased a year later as "Pokemon Hit Collection".
1. Mezasei Pokemon Master (I'm Gonna Be a Pokemon Master)
2. Natsuyasumi Fan Club (Summer Vacation Fan Club)
3. Hyakugojyuuichi (151)
4. Pokemon Kakerukana? (Can You Draw Pokemon?)
5. Rocket Dan no Eien Ni (Team Rocket Forever)
6. Pokemon Ierukana? (Can You Name All the Pokemon?)
7. Utau Pokemon Zukan - Normal Pokemon Part 1 (Singing Pokedex - Normal Pokemon Part 1)
8. Torikaekko Please (Trade Me, Please)
9. Pika Pika Massaichu (Pika Pika Massaichu)
10. Nyasu no Uta (Nyasu's Song)
11. Kaze to Issho Ni (Blown By the Wind)
12. Mezasei Pokemon Master '98 (I'm Gonna Be A Pokemon Master remix)
13. Pokemon Ierukana Baby? (Can You Name All the Pokemon Baby?)

Sound Picture Box - Mewtwo no Tanjou
The second and final Sound Picture Box for Pokemon. The first CD is another set of audio drama tracks, and the second is the soundtrack CD to the Mewtwo Strikes Back movie. It again contains an illustrated hardcover book that you can use to follow along with the audio plays. This time, the audio plays give backstory information to the plot of the movie, and we learn about the Team Rocket of the previous generation, including Madame Boss and Musashi's mother Miyamoto. Released February 1999.
1. CD Drama 1 - Maboroshi no Mew (Drama Part 1 - Mythical Mew)
2. CD Drama 2 - Mewtwo no Tanjou (Drama Part 2 - The Birth of Mewtwo)
3. CD Drama 3 - Mewtwo to Ai (Drama Part 3 - Mewtwo and Amber)
4. CD Drama 4 - Sekai Saikyo no Pokemon (Drama Part 4 - The Strongest Pokemon in the World)
5. CD Drama 5 - Mewtwo no Gyakushu (Drama Part 5 - Mewtwo Strikes Back)

1. Maboroshi no Mew (Visions of Mew)
2. Mewtwo no Mezamaze (Mewtwo's Awakening)
3. Tsuyo mono Mewtwo (Mewtwo's Power)
4. Gyakushu no Hajimari - Opening Title (Opening Strike - Opening Title)
5. Mezasei Pokemon Master '98 (I Wanna Be a Pokemon Master Remix)
6. Pikachu Akirame Tainya (Pikachu, I Will Not Surrender)
7. Fly Kairyu! (Fly Dragonite!)
8. Messenger (Messenger)
9. Arashi no Yokiza (The Beginnings of a Storm)
10. Pokemon Shiro a Shuppatsu (Going to the Pokemon Castle)
11. Arashi no Umi Wo (Stormy Ocean)
12. Mewtwo Shiro (Mewtwo's Castle)
13. Rocket Tsumato Dan ni Kage (The Shadow that Haunts Team Rocket)
14. Mewtwo Appearance (Mewtwo Appears)
15. Copy Pokemon Mezamameru! (Pokemon Clones Awake!)
16. Taiketsu! Hon Mono Tai Copy Pokemon (Fight! Real vs. Clone)
17. Ranre Tobu Pokeball (Flying Pokeball Chaos)
18. Kiushi! Pikachu! (Danger! Pikachu!)
19. Satoshi Tatakai no Ketsui (Satoshi's Battle Decision)
20. Hon Mono to Copy! Tsuyoi No Wa Docchida! (Real and Clones! Who is Stronger!)
21. Inochi Aru Mono (That With Life)
22. Kiseki no Namida (Miracle Tears)
23. Kibo no Sora a (Toward Hopeful Skies)
24. Hare Yuku Arashi (The Storm Disappears)
25. Kaze to Issho Ni (Blown by the Wind)

This is the second season CD, similar to the first Pocket Monsters CD ever released in that it has the opening, the ending, an Ierukana, and an incidental piece. Pokemon Sandwich is the Ierukana, of sorts. Rival! is the second opening song and Type: Wild! is the 5th ending. Released in March 1999.
1. Rival! (Rival!)
2. Type: Wild! (Type: Wild!)
3. Hey! Pikachu (Hey! Pikachu)
4. Pokemon Sandwich (Pokemon Sandwich)
5. Rival! Karaoke

Toi et Moi
The single release for the 2nd movie ending theme. This is actually a Namie Amuro CD, hence the fact it does not have any Pokemon on it. Nonetheless, it is still the ending theme to the movie, though not the version that appears in the movie itself. Released in July 1999.
1. Toi et Moi (You and Me)
2. Toi et Moi (Bounce Remix)
3. Toi et Moi (TV Mix)

Soratobu Pokemon Kids
This is the soundtrack to the Pikachu short "Pikachu Tankentai!" that appears before the second movie, "Maboroshi Lugia Bakutan." Released in July 1999. You know the drill. Opening, ending, incidental music, karaoke, et cetera.
1. Tankentai o Tsukuro! (Rescue Squad Training!)
2. Soratobu Pokemon Kids (Soaring Pokemon Kids)
3. Daiju no Nakama-tachi (Daiju and Friends)
4. Mama no Daij na Pokemon (Mama's Dear Pokemon)
5. Tankentai wa Tsukurou! Karaoke
6. Soratobu Pokemon Kids Karaoke

Lapras ni Notte
A short CD, Lapras ni Notte is the 6th Japanese ending. Minna de Arukou is a CD-only song featuring the characters that appear in the Orange Island episodes of the anime. Released in August 1999.
1. Lapras ni Notte (On Lapras' Back)
2. Minna de Arukou (Traveling Together)
3. Lapras ni Notte Karaoke

Gekijouban Pocket Monsters Maboroshi no Lugia Bakutan Original Music Collection
Released on September 15th, 1999. Unlike the last movie sountrack, this is a minimal collection that contains the movie mix of the then-current anime opening song Rivals!, the movie version of Toi et Moi, and some incidental/background music.
1. Gekijouban Pocket Monsters Title Theme (Pokemon Movie Title Theme)
2. Rival! Remix (Rival! Remix)
3. Gelardan no Theme (Gelardan's Theme)
4. Ware wa Collector (I'm a Collector)
5. Fleura no Uta (Fleura's Song)
6. Hateshinai Sekai (Boundless World)
7. Thunder Sanjou! (Thunder Appears!)
8. Minna ga Itakara (Thanks to Everyone)
9. Dasshutsu! (Escape!)
10. Hoshi no? (Our Planet?)
11. Toi et Moi Remix (You and Me remix)

Nyasu no Party
The CD cover lists both a Japanese name (Nyasu no Party) and an English name (Meowth's Party), which is a little strange. Nyasu no Party is the 7th ending theme to the Pokemon anime, and is an absolute treat for the ears for anyone that isn't acquainted with Nyasu's Japanese voice. The fifth track is Nyasu speaking, and isn't listed on the package. The CD also contains a poster with an image taken from the anime ending and a TCG card. Released in October 1999.
1. Nyasu no Party (Nyasu's Party)
2. Nyasu no Uta 2000 (Nyasu's Song 2000)
3. To Itteru, Nya (As I Said, Meow)
4. Nyasu no Party Karaoke
5. Nyasu no Rant (Nyasu's Rant)