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Released in February 2000. This is the third opening theme song to the Pokemon anime. Not sure what this English version of Type: Wild! was used for, as it's performed by Satoshi's Japanese voice actor and not the same version used in America. I think. According to Dogasu's Backpack (though the section isn't currently live), the last two tracks are bonus videos that appear when you play the CD on a computer. The first is a CG animation for Nyasu no Party, and the section is a trailer for the third Pokemon movie.
1. OK! (OK!)
2. Type: Wild! English (Type: Wild! English)
3. OK! Karaoke
4. CG Animation Nyasu no Party (Meowth's Party CG video)
5. Eiga Pocket Monsters Kesshou Tou no Teio (Movie: Pocket Monsters - Emperor of the Crystal Tower)

Hara Hara Relay
This was released on June 7th, 2000 (my sweet 16! so old!). Harahara Relay track 1 is the 8th ending theme, and Harahara Relay track 3 is the 9th ending (apparently this counts). Takeshi no Paradise is technically the 10th anime ending. This CD also had a special edition release, but I don't know what made it special. Both versions contained the same songs.
1. Harahara Relay (Exciting Relay)
2. Takeshi no Paradise (Brock's Paradise)
3. Harahara Relay Muzukashi-ban (Exciting Relay Difficult Version)
4. Harahara Relay Karaoke
5. Takeshi no Paradise Karaoke

Pokemon Ierukana Neo?
The third and final Suzukisan CD, released in June 2000. It features the new Pokerap (Pokemon Ierukana Neo?), and... Neo-o-e-oh, which is a nonsense song, as far as I can tell. It also came with a special TCG card.
1. Pokemon Ierukana Neo? (Can You Name All the New Pokemon?)
2. Ne-o-e-oh! (Ne-o-e-oh!)
3. Pokemon Ierukana Neo? Karaoke
4. Ne-o-e-oh! Karaoke

Gekijouban Pocket Monsters Kesshou Tou no Teiou Pichu to Pikachu Music Collection
This contains the music from Kesshou Tou no Teiou AND the short Pichu and Pikachu, instead of breaking them up into two CDs. This CD came in a special edition, where the case was a little round metal tin. Released in July 2000.
1. Fanfare (Fanfare)
2. Pichu Pika Swing (Pichu Pika Swing)
3. Himetsu Base Theme (Secret Base Theme)
4. Tomodachi Kinenbi (Friend's Celebration Day)
5. OK! 2000 Remix (Ok! Remix)
6. Annon no Theme (Unown's Theme)
7. Entei no Theme (Entei's Theme)
8. Mi no Theme - Utsukushiki Machi (Molly's Theme - Beautiful City)
9. Niji ga Umareta hi (A Rainbow is Born)
10. Pichu Pika Swing Karaoke
11. Tomodachi Kinenbi Karaoke
12. Niji ga Umareta hi Karaoke

Niji ga Umareta hi
The single version for the 3rd movie theme, in English and Japanese. Both versions are very pretty. The CD single was released in September 2000.
1. Niji ga Umane Tahi (A Rainbow is Born)
2. Just Like a Rainbow (Just Like a Rainbow)
3. Niji ga Umane Tahi Karaoke

Pikachu no Fuyuyasumi Soundtrack
A CD that collects the songs from the Pikachu's Winter Vacation OAVs, released just before Christmas in December 2000.
1. White Dance (White Dance)
2. Mosugu Santa ga Yatte Kuru (Santa is Coming Soon!)
3. Asobizumu Sengen (Holiday Declaration)
4. Christmas Eve (Christmas Eve)
5. Fuyuyasumi Fan Club (Winter Vacation Fan Club)
6. Colorful Fuyuyasumi (Colorful Winter Vacations)