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Boku no Best Friend E
Released February 2001, this is the 11th ending to the anime... and that's all you get here.
1. Boku no Best Friend E (You're My Best Friend)
2. Boku no Best Friend E Karaoke
3. Boku no Best Friend E Piano
4. Boku no Best Friend E Instrumental

Pokemon Best Vocal Collection 2
More like a greatest hits CD than the last compilation was, this was released in March 2001 and contains most of the main themes from the anime and movies. There's one new song, the Pichu brothers one, a special bonus track just for this CD from the Pichu Brothers short.
1. OK! (OK!)
2. Pokemon Ierukana Neo? (Can You Say All the New Pokemon?)
3. Nyasu no Party (Meowth's Party)
4. Tankentai o Tsukurou! (Rescue Squad Training!)
5. Type: Wild! (Type: Wild!)
6. Lapras ni Notte (On Lapras' Back)
7. Takeshi no Paradise (Brock's Paradise)
8. Soratobu Pokemon Kids (Soaring Pokemon Kids)
9. Toi et Moi (You and Me)
10. Harahara Relay (Exciting Relay)
11. Pichu Pika Swing (Pichu Pika Swing)
12. Niji ga Umareta Hi (A Rainbow is Born)
13. Rival!
14. Bokura Pichupichu Brothers (Dearest Pichupichu Brothers!)
15. Tomodachi Kinenbi (Friend's Memorial Day)
16. Boku no Best Friend e (You're My Best Friend)

This is technically a Whiteberry single and not a Pokemon release, hence the lack of Pokemon artwork on the cover, similar to the Namie Amuro Toi et Moi CD. A single release of the song Kakurenbo, from the Pikachu short "Pikachu Doki-Doki no Kakurenbo." Also has the newest version of the much-remixed Mezasei Pokemon Master, but this version is the best one. Released in July 2001.
1. Kakurenbo (Hide and Seek)
2. Mezasei Pokemon Master 2K1 (I'm Gonna Be A Pokemon Master 2001)
3. Kakurnebo Karaoke
4. Mezasei Pokemon Master 2K1 Karaoke

Ashita Tenki ni Shite Akure
Just the ending single for the fourth movie, released in July 2001. That's all you get.
1. Ashita Tenki ni Shite Akure (Please Let There Be Good Weather Tomorrow)
2. Ashita Tenki ni Shite Akure Karaoke

Maemuki Rocketto Dan
Released in July 2001, a couple days after the one above. The 12th Japanese anime ending theme, plus a karaoke and remix. The 4th Rocket Exclusive CD. Soonasu's on the cover. Everything is right with the world. Ba ba barabarabarabarabarabarabara...
1. Maemuki Rocketto Dan (Optimistic Rocket Dan)
2. Maemuki Rocketto Dan Karaoke
3. Maemuki Rocketto Dan Remix

Celebi Toki o Koeta Deai Soundtrack
The soundtrack CD for the 4th movie, released August 1st, 2001 (a busy summer for Pokemon CD fans). It's a pretty big soundtrack, with the music for both the short (Pikachu Doki-Doki no Kakurenbo) and the feature on it. The Mezasei Pokemon Master remix on this CD isn't the Whiteberry version from the single CD, but yet another remix sung by Rica Matsumoto. The Kakurenbo is also a different version than the one found on the single CD.
1. Oyashiki (Mansion)
2. Kakurenbo Dokidoki Special Version (Hide and Seek Exciting Special Version)
3. Vacation (Vacation)
4. Shibakari-kun Gekido! (Lawn Mower's Anger!)
5. Super Shibakari-kun 2 (Super Lawn Mower 2)
6. Zenin Shugo! (All Together!)
7. Manatsu no Dai Sakusen! (Big Midsummer Plan)
8. Mori noDensetsu no Theme (Legendary Forest Theme)
9. Vicious no Theme (Vicious's Theme)
10. Gekijoban Pocket Monsters Title Theme (Theatrical Pokemon Title Theme)
11. Mezasei Pokemon Master "Deluxe" 2001 (I'm Gonna Be a Pokemon Master Deluxe 2001)
12. Hiko? Densetsu a (Flight? Toward the Legend)
13. Celebi no Fukkatsu (The Ressurection of Celebi)
14. Satoshi, Yukinari Yujo no Theme (Sacha and Yukinari's Friendship Theme)
15. Golem Celebi (Golem Celebi)
16. Suicune no Theme (Suicune's Theme)
17. Celebi Ippai (Revived Celebi)
18. Ashita Tenki ni Shite Akure (Please Let There Be Good Weather Tomorrow)