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Advance Adventure
The first CD for the new Pocket Monsters series Advance Generation, released in January 2003. WOW, a landmark. Advance Adventure is the first opening theme song, and Sokoni Soraga Arkara is the first ending theme. The karaoke versions of the aforementioned songs are on here, as well as converted game music from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, along the same lines as the BGM music CD for the first season, and some other incidental pieces.
1. Advance Adventure (Advance Adventure)
2. Soko ni Sora ga Arukara (Because the Sky is There)
3. Advance Adventure karaoke
4. Sokoni Soraga Arukara karaoke
5. Pokemon Contest (Pokemon Contest)
6. Magma Dan no Theme (Team Magma Theme)
7. Aqua Dan no Theme (Team Aqua Theme)
8. Tataki (Battle)
9. Shouri (Victory)
10. Touka City (Petalburg City)

Pocket Monsters TV Anime Theme Song Perfect Best 1997-2003
Hooray! A CD that contains every single one of the anime opening and ending themes to date. No background music, no game music, no weird stuff, no karaoke. The one bonus track is the Mezasei Pokemon Master remix from Whiteberry, which is the best one anyway. Released in April 2003.
1. Advanced Adventure (Advance Adventure)
2. Sokoni Soraga Arukara (Because the Sky is There)
3. Ready Go! (Ready Go!)
4. Pocketaari Monsutaari (Pocket Monsters)
5. Mezasei Pokemon Master 2K1 (I'm Gonna Be a Pokemon Master remix 2001)
6. Maemuki Rocket Dan! (Optimistic Rocket Dan!)
7. OK! (OK!)
8. Nyasu no Party (Meowth's Party)
9. Pokemon Harahara Relay (Exciting Pokemon Relay)
10. Takeshi no Paradise (Brock's Paradise)
11. Boku no Best Friend E (You're My Best Friend)
12. Rival! (Rival!)
13. Type: Wild (Type: Wild)
14. Lapras ni Notte (On Lapras' Back)
15. Mezasei Pokemon Master (I'm Gonna Be a Pokemon Master)
16. Hyakugojyuuichi (151)
17. Nyasu no Uta (Meowth's Song)
18. Pocket ni Fantasy (Pocket Fantasy)
19. Pokemon Ondo (Pokemon March)

GBA Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire Music Super Complete
Another game music soundtrack. Released April 26th, 2003, several months after the Japanese release, but within a few weeks of the English version. Mysteriously, there was not a collection released for Gold/Silver, but perhaps that was for the best. Like the R/G/B soundtrack that was released before it, this is a massive 2-disc set that contains over 100 tracks of Game Boy Advance music, if that's your thing. Again, soundtracks for handheld games aren't super-common, so this is likely one of the only ones that exists for a GBA game. This also comes with an extensive booklet of color illustrations and bonus material.
1. Title Demo - Hoenn Chihou no Tabidachi (Title Demo - Setting Off to the Hoenn Region)
2. Title Demo 2 - Double Battle (Title Demo 2 - Double Battle)
3. Title - Main Theme (Title - Main Theme)
4. Opening Select (Opening Select)
5. Mishiro Town (Littleroot Town)
6. Odamaki Kenkyuujo (Birch Laboratory)
7. Haruka (May)
8. Tasukutekure! (Help Me!)
9. Sentou! Yasei Pokemon! (Fight! Wild Pokemon!)
10. Yasei Pokemon ni Shouri! (Victory Against Wild Pokemon!)
11. 101-ban Douro (Route 101)
12. Kotoki Town (Oldale Town)
13. Pokemon Center (Pokemon Center)
14. Kaifuku (Recovery)
15. Shishen! Tanban Kozou (Glance! Youngster)
16. Shishen! Mini Skirt (Glance! Lass)
17. Sentou! Trainer (Battle! Trainer)
18. Trainer ni Shouri! (Victory Against the Trainer!)
19. Level Up (Level Up)
20. Touka City (Petalburg City)
21. Tsureta Iku (Bring Along)
22. 104-ban Douro (Route 104)
23. Touka no Mori (Petalburg Woods)
24. Magma Dan Toujou! (Team Magma Entrance!)
25. Sentou! Aqua/Magma Dan (Fight! Team Aqua/Magma)
26. Aqua/Magma Dan ni Shouri! (Victory Against Team Aqua/Magma!)
27. Kanazumi City (Rustboro City)
28. Trainer's School (Trainer's School)
29. Umi o Koete (Cross the Sea)
30. Muro Town (Dewford Town)
31. Shishen! Ukiwa Gaaru (Glance! Tuber)
32. Kaina City (Slateport City)
33. Umi no Kagaku-Hakubutsukan (Oceanic Museum)
34. 110-ban Douro (Route 110)
35. Cycling (Cycling)
36. Game Corner (Game Corner)
37. Atari! (Success!)
38. Zannen (Bad Luck)
39. BD Time (BD Time)
40. Ooatari! (Jackpot!)
41. Shidake Town (Verdanturf Town)
42. 113-ban Douro (Route 113)
43. Futago-chan (Twins)
44. Hajitsuge Town (Fallarbor Town)
45. Ropeway (Ropeway)
46. Entotsu Yama (Mt. Chimney)
47. Shishen! Yama Otoko (Glance! Hiker)
48. 111-ban Douro (Route 111)
49. Gym (Gym)
50. Sentou! Gym Leader (Fight! Gym Leader)
51. Gym Leader ni Shouri! (Victory Against Gym Leader!)
52. Badge Getto! (Got a Badge!)
53. Waza Machine Getto! (Got a TM!)
54. Nami Nori (Surf)

1. 119-ban Douro (Route 119)
2. Hiwamaki City (Fortree City)
3. 120-ban Douro (Route 120)
4. Interviewers (Interviewers)
5. Safari Zone (Safari Zone)
6. Shishen! Gentleman (Glance! Gentleman)
7. Minamo City (Lilycove City)
8. Bijutsu-Kan (Art Museum)
9. Waza Wasure (Forget Move)
10. Yuuki (Brendan)
11. Sentou! Yuuki/Haruka (Battle! Brendan/May)
12. Shinka (Evolution)
13. Shinka Omedetou (Congratulations for Evolving)
14. Friendly Shop (Pokemart)
15. Okuribi Yama (Mt. Pyre)
16. Shishen! Psychic (Glance! Psychic)
17. Shishen! Occult Maniac (Glance! Hex Maniac)
18. Okuri Yama Gaiheki (Mt. Pyre's Outer Wall)
19. Ajito (Hideout)
20. Dougu Getto (Got an Item)
21. Aqua Dan Toujou (Team Aqua's Entrance)
22. Sentou! Aqua/Magma Dan no Leader (Fight! Leaders of Team Aqua/Magma)
23. Mezameru Chou-Kodai Pokemon (Awaken the Super-Ancient Pokemon)
24. Hideri (Drought)
25. Oo-Ame (Heavy Rain)
26. Diving (Diving)
27. Rune City (Sootopolis City)
28. Mezame no Hokora (Cave of Origin)
29. Sentou! Cho-Kodai Pokemon (Fight! Super-Ancient Pokemon)
30. Shisen! Bikini no Oneesan (Glance! Swimmer (F))
31. Saiyuu City (Ever Grande City)
32. Kinomi Getto (Got a Berry)
33. Contest Lobby (Contest Lobby)
34. Contest! (Contest!)
35. Kekka Happyou (Results Are Announced)
36. Contest Yuushou (Contest Champion)
37. Ofure no Sekishitsu (Sealed Chamber)
38. Sentou! Regirock/Regice/Registeel (Combat! Regirock/Regice/Registeel)
39. Karakuri Yashiki (Trick House)
40. Sutera Nebune (Abandoned Ship)
41. Battle Tower (Battle Tower)
42. Champion Road (Victory Road)
43. Shisen! Elite Trainer (Glance! Cooltrainer)
44. Shi Tennou Toujou! (Elite Four Appears!)
45. Sentou! Shi Tennou (Fight! Elite Four)
46. Champion Daigo (Champion Steven)
47. Kessen! Daigo (Final Battle! Steven)
48. Daigo ni Shouri (Victory Against Steven)
49. Eikou no Heya (Room of Glory)
50. Dendou Iri (Entering the Hall of Fame)
51. Ending (Ending)
52. The End (The End)
53. Bonus Kyoku 1 (Bonus Track 1 - Trick Master)
54. Bonus Kyoku 2 (Bonus Track 2 - Slateport City)
55. Bonus Kyoku 3 (Bonus Track 3 - Steven Stone)

Chiisaki Mono
The single release for Chiisaki Mono, the theme for the new movie, released in early July 2003. Like a couple of the artist singles before, this is a CD single for Asuka Hayashi, and not technically a Pokemon release. It wasn't even featured on the Japanese Pokemon website when it came out. The theme and its instrumental version are on here, as is a song sung in Japanese and Chinese by Hayashi.
1. Chiisaki Mono - Single Mix (The Small Things - Single Mix)
2. Tsubame ni Naritai - Nihongo Version (I Want to Be a Swallow - Japanese Version)
3. Wo Yuan Zuo Yi Zhi Xiao Yan - Chuugokugo Version (I Want to Be a Swallow - Chinese Version)
4. Chiisaki Mono Instrumental

This is the second ending to Pocket Monsters Advance Generation. Now, you get the idea that this will be a good CD based on the fact that it has Meowth on the cover, and that the song itself is called "Polka-O-Dolka." However, neither of these gives you a vague idea of just how AWESOME this CD is. My only problem is that the remixes are only TV size and not full versions. The Rocket Dan themes at the end are just the background music that plays while Musashi and Kojiro say the motto, but that doesn't take away from the fact that they're Rocket Dan songs. Released July 2003.
1. Polka-O-Dolka (Polka-O-Dolka)
2. Polka-O-Dolka karaoke
3. Polka-O-Dolka Tango Mix
4. Polka-O-Dolka March Mix
5. Polka-O-Dolka Swing Jazz Mix
6. Polka-O-Dolka Hyper Dance Mix
7. Rocket Dan Sanjou no Theme Hoenn Version (Rocket Dan Appearance Theme Hoenn Version)
8. Rocket Dan Onmitsu no Theme Hoenn Version (Rocket Dan Spy Theme Hoenn Version)
9. Rocket Dan Sanjou no Theme Kanto Version (Rocket Dan Appearance Theme Kanto Version)
10. Rocket Dan Onmitsu no Theme Kanto Version (Rocket Dan Spy Theme Kanto Version)

Pocket Monsters Advance Generation Nanayo no Negai Hoshi Jiraachi/Odoru Pokemon Himitsu Kichi Music Collection
This is, of course, the soundtrack for the movie for this summer, "Nanayo no Negai Hoshi Jiraachi" and the mini movie "Odoru Pokemon Himitsu Kichi." Has Chiisaki Mono, Polka-O-Dolka, and an acoustic version of Advance Adventure. My favorite is the Polka-O-Dolka medley. Released at the end of July 2003.
1. Hajimari (Beginning)
2. Polka-O-Dolka movie size (Polka-O-Dolka Movie Size)
3. Kyuushutsu da! (Rescue)
4. Himitsu Kichi - Rocket Dan no Teema (Secret Base - Team Rocket Theme)
5. Sennyuu (Infiltration)
6. Katsuyaku (Activity)
7. Polka-a-Dolka Medley (Polka-O-Dolka Medley)
8. Daidassou (Great Escape)
9. Kiki (Crisis)
10. Daidassou-2 (Great Escape 2)
11. Bouken no Hajimari da!! (Start of an Adventure!)
12. Avant - Pokemon World (Avant - Pokemon World)
13. Avant - Groudon no Theme (Avant - Groudon's Theme)
14. Avant - Satoshi to Nakama Tachi (Avant - Ash and Friends)
15. Gekijouban Pocket Monsters Title Theme 2003 (Pokemon Movie Theme 2003)
16. Advance Adventure - Tabi wa Tzusuku (Advance Adventure - Travels Continue)
17. Idou Yuuenchi (Traveling Carnival)
18. Magic Show (Magic Show)
19. Masato no Kimochi (Max's Feelings)
20. Yuuenchi (Amusement Park)
21. Sennen Suisei (Millenium Comet)
22. Jirachi Tanjoubi (Jirachi's Birth)
23. Jirachi Power (Jirachi Power)
24. Masato to Jiraachi (Max and Jirachi)
25. Faunsu (Forina)
26. Diane no Kimochi (Diane's Feelings)
27. Advance Adventure - Faunsu e (Advance Adventure - To Forina)
28. Masato no Kimochi (Max's Feelings)
29. Wakare (Separation)
30. Butler no Theme (Butler Theme)
31. Jirachi Kyuushutsu (Jirachi Rescue!)
32. Flygon Toujo (Flygon Appears)
33. Last Battle! (Last Battle)
34. Chiisaki Mono - Komamori Uta (A Small Thing - Lullaby)
35. Chiisaki Mono (A Small Thing)
36. Advance Adventure (acoustic version)

Pocket Monsters Eiga Anime Shudaika Song-Shu Perfect Best 1998-2003
Similar to the anime theme song collection released earlier in the year, this is a 2-disc set that contains the opening and ending themes to all the movies. These collections are good, since it prevents you from having to work through the background music on the regular movie soundtracks. As a bonus, all the title themes to every movie are also included on the last CD, some of which aren't on the regular movie soundtracks. Released late November 2003.
1. Natsuyasumi Fan Club (Summer Vacation Fan Club)
2. Pikapika Massai Chu (Pikapika Massai Chu)
3. Mezasei Pokemon Master 98 (I'm Gonna Be a Pokemon Master '98)
4. Kaze to Issho ni (Together With the Wind)
5. Tankentai o Tsukuru! (Gather the Exploration Party!)
6. Soratobu Pokemon Kids (Soaring Pokemon Kids)
7. Rival! (Rival!)
8. Toi et Moi (You and Me)
9. Pichu Pika Swing (Pichu Pika Swing)
10. Tomodachi Kinenbi (Friend's Memorial Day)
11. OK! 2000 (OK! 2000)
12. Niji ga Umareta Hi (A Rainbow is Born)

1. Kakurenbo (Hide-and-Seek)
2. Manatsu no Dai Sakusen! (Midsummer's Big Plan!)
3. Mezase Pokemon Master 2001 (I'm Gonna Be a Pokemon Master 2001)
4. Ashita Tenki ni Shite Okure (Please Let the Weather Be Good Tomorrow)
5. Ano Oka wo Mezashite (Aim for the Hill)
6. Poketaari Monsutaari (Pocketaari Monsutaari)
7. Secret Garden (Secret Garden)
8. Mezase Pokemon Master 2002 (I'm Gonna Be a Pokemon Master 2002)
9. Hitoribocchi Ja Nai (You're Not Alone)
10. Polka-O-Dolka (Polka-O-Dolka)
11. Boken no Hajimari da!! (Start of an Adventure!)
12. Chiisaki Mono (The Small Thing)
13. BONUS TRACK: Gekijouban Pocket Monsters Title Theme 1998
14. BONUS TRACK: Gekijouban Pocket Monsters Title Theme 1999
15. BONUS TRACK: Gekijouban Pocket Monsters Title Theme 2000
16. BONUS TRACK: Gekijouban Pocket Monsters Title Theme 2001
17. BONUS TRACK: Gekijouban Pocket Monsters Title Theme 2002
18. BONUS TRACK: Gekijouban Pocket Monsters Title Theme 2003