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This CD contains the 2nd opening (Challenger!!) and the 3rd ending (Smile) to the Advance Generation series. There's an Ierukana, but instead of being the all-encompassing Ierukana I was hoping for, it's actually just a remix of the first song and only contains the first 151 Pokemon. Released April 2004.
1. Challenger!! (Challenger!!)
2. Smile (Smile)
3. Pokemon Ierukana? 2004 (Can You Name All the Pokemon 2004)
4. Pokefuri Game no Uta (Poke-Show Game Theme Song)
5. Challenger!! Karaoke
6. Smile Karaoke
7. Pokemon Ierukana? 2004 Karaoke

Marching March
Here's an obscure one for you! This is the ending theme song to the Weekly Pokemon Broadcasting Station. This is, again, an artist single, so no Pokemon cover. The artist this time is HALICALI. Released on June 9th, 2004.
1. Marching March (Marching March)
2. Highway to the Beach (Highway to the Beach)
3. Marching March Version 2

L.O.V.E.L.Y ~ Yume Miru LOVELY BOY
The theme song for the new movie, and another artist single, this time it is Pokemon themed, and the artist is Tommy February6. This may be my favorite cover for any Pokemon CD. Released in July 2004.
1. L.O.V.E.L.Y ~ Yume Miru LOVELY BOY (L.O.V.E.L.Y. - Dreaming of a Lovely Boy)
2. I Only Wanna Be With You (I Only Wanna Be With You)
3. L.O.V.E.L.Y ~ Yume Miru LOVELY BOY Pikachu to Issho version da yo! (L.O.V.E.L.Y. - Dreaming of a Lovely Boy - A Version With Pikachu!
4. L.O.V.E.L.Y ~ Yume Miru LOVELY BOY Karaoke

Visitor of the Space Fissure Deoxys Music Collection
The requisite CD that comes out with any Pokemon movie release, the seventh of which came out this summer. It's got the opening and ending themes, incidental and background music, and once again, the music from the Pikachu short at the beginning. Released in August 2004.
1. Ippai Summer!! (Full of Summer!!)
2. Avant - Pocket Monsters no Sekai (Avant - The World of Pokemon)
3. Avant - Trainer Satoshi (Avant - Trainer Ash)
4. Gekijouban Pocket Monsters 2004 Title Theme (Pokemon Movie Title Theme 2004)
5. Hyogen no Pokemon-tachi - Shonen Toi (Pokemon of the Ice - Youngster Tory)
6. Hyogen no Kessen - Deoxys VS Rayquaza (Decisive Battle on the Ice - Deoxys Versus Rayquaza)
7. Gonbe no Theme (Munchlax's Theme)
8. LaRousse City (LaRousse City)
9. Let's Tag Battle! (Let's Tag Battle!)
10. Deoxys no Theme (Deoxys' Theme)
11. L.O.V.E.L.Y Yume Miru LOVELY BOY - Satoshi, Toi - Yujo no Hajimari (L.O.V.E.L.Y. - Dreaming of a Lovely Boy - Ash, Tory - Beginning of Friendship)
12. Machi no Kiki - Deoxys VS Rayquaza (Town in Crisis - Deoxys Versus Rayquaza)
13. Hokaku - Deoxys' Shadow (Capture - Deoxys' Shadow)
14. Plusle, Minum, Soshite... (Plusle, Minum, and...)
15. Rayquaza VS Deoxys - Kessen! (Decisive Battle! Rayquaza VS Deoxys)
16. Kyushutsu Seiko (Successful Rescue)
17. Danketsu! (Union!)
18. Fushigi na o-Tomodachi, Sore Wa... (That's a Mysterious Friend...)
19. Shito (Struggle)
20. Deoxys Saikai (Deoxys Reunion)
21. Ganbare Satoshi! (Do Your Best, Ash!)
22. Tabidachi (Setting Off)
23. L.O.V.E.L.Y Yume Miru LOVELY BOY (Tommy February6 Version)
24. Challenger! TV Size